Our Inspiration
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We have been fortunate, as our Foundation has developed, to meet many inspiring and passionate people in the philanthropic area.
Among these inspiring and passionate people:
Mark and Amanda Cubit,
Dave and Kerry Rickards,
Ewa Wojkowska - Kopernik Foundation, 
John Wood, founder of Room to Read (R2R) and Manisone and Bounkorn of the Laos R2R team,
Gemma Sisal (Founder), Kim Saville and Angela Bailey all of the School of St Jude ,
Brothers Frank O'Shea and Bill Wilding - Ruben Centre in Nairobi,
Tony Kalms and the Kenyan team of the One Acre fund,
Patrick O'Brien The 500 Supporters' Club,
Board of Directors & Kick Start Managers - helping local entrepreneurs establish new small businesses,
Michael Brosowski - Blue Dragon Children's Foundation Hanoi,
Plaster House, Andrew Browning all in Tanzania and other projects,
Sasha - Big Brother Mouse in Laos,
Annabelle and Dave -  School for Life Uganda,
Wangu Kanja Founder/Executive Director - Wangu Kanja Foundation
Valerie Browning - Queen of the Desert the AFAR region of Ethiopia,
Project Beso - Aaron Bukenya school in Uganda.
Rosie Batty Never Alone - Luke Batty Foundation
Denise and Bruce Morcombe - Daniel Morcombe Foundation

In Australia we are assisting Petrine McCrohan and Liz Jack, Indigenous Affairs Broome in a project with Dillon Andrews in the Fitzroy River region.