Our focus on making a difference
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Having visited and observed so much poverty, read many books and attended so many functions, we believe the School of St Jude slogan says it all, "Fighting Poverty Through Education, Helping the Kids to a Better Future".

With incomes of just $2 per week in the third world is often difficult for families to survive. We felt with our ability to make a difference that we would focus initially on third world countries and we are now reviewing several Australian projects, especially those that are rural based.

Our family visited Tanzania and the School of St Jude along with two of our special friends, the emotions experienced on that trip will be with us forever. Gemma (founder of the School of St Jude) and her team are having a major impact on education in Tanzania.

Some of the people we know are now having similar experiences and have decide to visit projects and help in their own way. We are very grateful for their actions and we expect that they will grow in number and diversity as more people decide to 'make their own difference'.